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Founder, Mastermind, Vocalist

ChrisXX started Terminal State back in 1992 with Bin@ry Runner, he is keeping the band running for all the years, being the creative mastermind and producer. Besides the Terminal State he started his own project called THXM aimed on producing and remixing.

Minor Float

Live keyboardist, Composer

Minor joined Terminal State, first for the live shows after Bin@ary Runner left, later also helped with composing.

Past Members, Live Guests

After the Unline Codes album was released Bin@ry Runner left the band. He is one of the founders of Terminal State.

During our live shows we invited few friends to play with us.
Erik Balogh played several live shows as a drummer.
Jan Wanzi Beke also played with us as a live guitarist.

Recently we had the pleasure to have a very special guest, a talented guitarist David Kollar.
Check also his Bandcamp page.


Illegal Space Activity/Trespassed Area 53 (2013)

Our recent double CD album. Still available on EAR Bandcamp or as a physical 2CD.

Strange Horizons (2010)

This album was prepared for 2010. The release was later cancelled and the album was archived. We made it available in 2016.

Synthetic Red River (2002)

This album was prepared for 2002 but never released. No copies, arranges and data left from this release.

Unline codes (2000)

Our debut album released on a German label Broken Seal, supported by Ryby and Aliens Production

Big Demo Tape

Many instrumental songs were recorded
before the Unline Codes album.

Infection/Further to Light Demo

Two songs taken at AD Micro Studio
Infection was played on a local radio.

Burn Days Studio Demo

This unreleased demo tape contains the song
Burn Days recorded in the AD Micro Studio.

Burn Days Home Demo

This unreleased demo tape contains the song
Burn Days with two additional versions.


Terminal State Bandcamp

You can find Strange Horizons here. We are also trying to find the best audio for other previously released albums and tracks. We will keep you updated.

Electro Aggression Record Bandcamp

Our label Electro Aggression Record hosts the recent double album Illegal Space Activity / Trespassed Area 53.

Other releases

Through all these years Terminal State Participated on various compilations, remixed several bands... Some of the evidence can be found on Discogs.

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